Improved medical training

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Some Mondays ago, I read an article, entitled, Dog eats dog in Lagos, by Dr. Biodun Ogungbo, the respected neurosurgeon in the Healthwise section of The PUNCH.

My appeal to the public and the authorities of the National Universities Commission is to allow any university offering first degree programme in Medicine to offer a postgraduate degree in Clinical Medicine. As of today, there are about 140 universities in Nigeria but only 20 offer first degrees and none offers PG in Clinical Medicine.

The only authority allowed is the West African Postgraduate Medical College with headquarters in Ghana. This year (2015) alone, only about 500 were graduated or awarded FWCS/FWACP for a population of 200 million. It takes seven to nine years to get it after six to seven for a first degree. Doctors are Nigerians with a lifespan of 47 years. Worldwide, it takes two to three years for a PG in Clinical Medicine and one to two years for Super Specialty.





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